The Honourable Society of Grays Inn

Conference and Meeting room capacities Layout Examples Layout Examples

Suite Name Capacity (people) Dimensions(m)
Theatre Classrm Boardrm Cabaret Banquet Ushape Rec. H L W A
The Small Pension Room - - 15 - - - 30 - 6 8.5 51.00
A lavish and charming banqueting room surrounded by oak panelled walls with a beautiful mahogany table. The ceiling proves a distinctive feature, adorned with ornate moulds of red roses that surround the large seal of the Duchy of Lancaster. Perfectly suited for small board meetings, presentations, select dinner parties or for aperitifs before a private dinner. 
The Benchers Library 10 - 12 - - - 20 - 5.5 8.5 46.75
Exuding an air of peace and tranquillity, free of distractions from the bustling streets of Central London, this historic room features a high ceiling with large elegant windows overlooking Gray’s Inn Square. Its décor provides the ideal atmosphere for intimate occasions. The Benchers’ Library is the perfect setting for small meetings, private lunches and dinners. 
The Seminar Room - - 10 - - - - - - - -
A light and contemporary meeting room recently decorated and furnished with smart and comfortable interior. The Seminar Room has a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. It is located in the South Square opposite the Adjournment Café Bar and forms the ideal setting for small boardroom style meetings, interviews and presentations. Internet connection is available. It is often used as an ante-room for workshops in conjunction with The Spy Room located in the same building. 
The Advocacy Suites Open 45 16 12 - - - 50 - - - -
Generally used as Breakout rooms 
The Advocacy Suites Divided 22 8 12 - - - 25 - - - -
The ETR`s Open 50 - - - - - 60 - - - -
Generally used as Breakout rooms 
ETR 1 25 - 15 - - - - - - - -
ETR 2 15 - 9 - - - - - - - -
ETR 3 15 - 9 - - - - - - - -
The Rose Heilbron Room - - 22 - - - - - - - -
The Bingham Room 100 - - - - - 150 - - - -
The Large Pension Room 120 40 50 45 80 - 150 - 8.5 17.5 148.75
A bright and airy room located on the first floor and reached by an impressive sweeping oak staircase, this formal banqueting room is discreet yet very versatile. It features a series of ornate chandeliers and a magnificent marble fireplace. The Large Pension Room is licensed for civil wedding ceremonies and is much sought after for dinners and wedding receptions. It may also be used in conjunction with the Benchers' Library for select and private group meetings, lectures or presentations. 
The Spy Room 120 32 40 45 100 - 150 - 11 13 143.00
ONLY AVAILABLE TO HIRE FROM 4:00PM MONDAY - FRIDAY Located on the first floor in an adjoining building opposite the Hall, this exclusive and versatile banqueting room provides a peaceful view overlooking the beautifully landscaped squares. The Spy Room takes its name from the famous cartoonist Sir Leslie Ward (1851–1922), who used the pseudonym Spy. A selection of his famous and characteristic prints are on display in this light and airy room. The Spy Room has direct access to kitchen and catering facilities. It is often used in conjunction with the Adjournment Café Bar, which is located on the ground floor. An ideal setting for theatre or boardroom style meetings, seminars and lectures 
The Hall 200 72 - 84 176 - 350 - 18.5 10.5 194.25
AVAILABLE TO HIRE FROM 4:00PM MONDAY - FRIDAY ONLY Encapsulating the true nature, life and history of Gray�s Inn, the Hall has changed little since Elizabethan times. It manages effortlessly to combine intimacy, tradition and grandeur for any occasion, whether it is a formal corporate conference or a memorable private wedding reception. Captivating in its traditional surroundings, the Hall is decorated with historic paintings and heraldic shields. Several of the exquisite stained glass windows date back to 1462. The historic Armada screen is believed to be made of oak timbers from a captured ship of the Spanish Armada and given to the Inn by Queen Elizabeth I. The Hall is licensed for civil weddings and offers a distinguished venue for a wide variety of events, from informal wedding parties and gala balls to formal dinners and corporate receptions 
The Walks and Marquee - - - - 300 - 600 - - - -
Gray’s Inn gardens are known as The Walks and were originally designed in 1606 by the then Treasurer, Sir Francis Bacon, whose statue can be seen in the South Square. The Walks remain among the largest private gardens in London: five acres of perfectly maintained park entered through a pair of impressive iron gates. The park provides a peaceful oasis amidst the busy streets of Central London and is available throughout the year. During the summer The Walks are equipped with a graceful and elegant marquee which is hard floored and carpeted throughout. The versatile structure holds endless opportunities for a wide variety of summer events. THE MARQUEE IS AVAILABLE IN JUNE/JULY ONLY THE WALKS CAN BE HIRED FOR DRINKS RECEPTIONS FROM 6:00pm The Walks and the marquee offer a distinguished setting for private and corporate parties, wedding receptions, concerts, barbecues and other outdoor events. 
Key: H = Height / L = Length / W = Width / A = Area