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There are two options to using our service...

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Search and book directly for FREE

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Search and enquire directly at any one of the 25,000 venues featured on the website.

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Receive responses and proposals directly from venues.

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Negotiate with venues and book directly.

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Option 2

Use an Expert Venue Finder for FREE

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Our agents can save you time, money and hassle.


  • Do all the searching for you
  • Do all the negotiating for you
  • Propose up to 20 venues that meet your exact requirements with full details and pricing
  • Tell you which venue we think is the best option and why
  • Arrange site inspections if required
  • Check contracts and flag anything we think can be improved upon
  • Confirm the booking on your behalf

Expert venue Finder


Hi there, I'm Zoe and I'm available to help you find your next meeting or conference venue FOR FREE! Save hours by letting me do all of your venue searching for you. Call me on 0845 351 9917 or simply leave your details below.