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How it Works

How the service works...
1. Simply let us know your requirements
2. We'll give you a quick call just to make sure we understand them correctly.
3. We get straight to work checking the availability of venues
4. We negotiate hard on your behalf. (We'll even fight for free teas and coffees!)
4. We send you a concise proposal with venue options that match your exact requirements including details of availability, pricing and most importantly savings!
5. We can arrange site inspections if required
6. We check contracts for you
7. We book on your behalf

How it works

Let us know your requirements

Expert venue Finder


Hi there, I'm Megan and I'm available to help you find your next meeting or conference venue FOR FREE! Save hours by letting me do all of your venue searching for you. Call me on 0845 351 9917 or simply leave your details below.