How to Find the Right Conference Venues for Your Training Event

How to Find the Right Conference Venues for Your Training Event

Training events are very important as getting a good result is essential. The trainer will put a lot of thought, preparation, time, expense and effort into the day and so have the attendees. They will have paid for the course, travelled to the location and given up their time as well. So, how do you make sure that out of all of the conference venues out there you have selected the right one? As the training providers you will need to focus on excellent training content and delivery, but you can't forget about the importance of the venue as well. You don't want people starting the day feeling stressed out about the lack of parking, or rude receptionists. You also don't want people to start wriggling about after an hour as they find the seats uncomfortable or they need a drink and there aren't any, or its too hot or too dark...the list goes on and on. These may seem like issues that are out of control and that have nothing to do with the training quality right? Wrong! The venue that you select for training - whether it be conference venues London or Birmingham - is a reflection of both your company and your brand. Your delegates will definitely remember a shabby venue or poor food and they will always associate it with you. Some people think that the training venue is just as important as the content of the training itself. So, choosing a great venue means you will ensure that your training delegates are comfortable and engaged, and in the right frame of mind for training and development.

Selecting a Training Venue

The answer to what makes the perfect training venue is quite subjective as it depends what you are looking to get out of it. A great venue finding service like Conferences UK will start by getting an understanding of your training objectives, what your delegates objectives are and what your brand values are. This will help us to find a training venue that best represents your company - so a brand that embodies heritage and quality might go for a country estate whereas a more fun and informal company might prefer an upbeat city venue.

#1 Location

The first thing to think about is location - as this is one of the key factors when it comes to finding the right training venue for your needs. You will need to take into account your delegates and how far they would be willing to travel, whether they prefer to drive or not, and whether they would prefer to get public transport. If you are offering a self-funded course then you also need to make sure that the location you choose gives you access to the largest target market. You also need to think about what you are looking for in your ideal venue, such as whether you want a venue that feels away from it all so that the delegates focus on what is happening in the room. Or would you prefer an inspiring venue that inspires delegates to generate ideas and solutions.

#2 Environment

When you start shortlisting your training venue options it is important to take a close look at the training room options and what the space can offer you. It may be a blank canvas that you can adapt to suit your requirements or do you find it blank and uninspiring.

The most important things you need to make sure are in the room are:

- Chairs and furniture. Needs to be good quality and comfortable
- Delegate stationary, and flip charts
- Easily accessible toilets
- Effective air conditioning and plenty of power sockets
- Free flowing of tea, coffee and other refreshment
- Good access for delegates with disabilities
- Natural daylight and good lighting
- Top specification AAV equipment

#3 Capacity

Flexibility is key when it comes to capacity, so when you are deciding what size venue is best for you then you need to make sure that the venue can be flexible and offer you a break-out room or extra room if more people turn up than expected. If you go for a residential training venue then you should also think about what facilities there are around the venue for informal out of hours events as well.

#4 Service

It should go without saying that you should have a dedicated member of staff from your chosen venue, with you at all times on the actual training day. They should also have the appropriate level of authority to be able to make decisions quickly and sort out any issues efficiently. You should expect seamless and intuitive service from your chosen venue throughout the whole experience. The venues that we work with offer a very personal service, with lots of attention to detail paired with warmth and friendliness. They will also offer you lots of choice of room layouts and menus and so on. As you can see, there are lots of things you need to think about when you are choosing a training venue - whether you are considering conference venues west midlands or south west. If you need some help with finding just the right venue for your needs, then please get in touch with our friendly and experienced team today.

Author: Gladys Requina

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