How to Find the Perfect Conference Venues Every Time

How to Find the Perfect Conference Venues Every Time

If you are planning a corporate event, whatever size it is, it can be very stressful and take up a lot of your time. Creating the guest list, hiring entertainment, and finding the perfect caterers are just three of the jobs that you need to take care of in order to create the perfect event. If this is the first time you have planned an event, it can be a bit overwhelming and so we have pulled together some tips for you so that you find the perfect conference venues every time.

There are many things that go into creating the most successful event but the most important thing is to get the perfect venue especially if you are looking for conference venue London. Finding your perfect venue requires not only a lot of thought, and so plenty of research must go into it in order to ensure that your venue meets all of your criteria.

From ensuring the venue fits you're the theme/tone of the evening and also has all of the correct equipment can help to determine the success of the evening and improve your company's reputation. After all, the venue is the first taste the guests will get of the evening, and so it not only needs to create the mood but also help you to create the perfect atmosphere.

#1 Make a List

The first step in your planning process should be to brainstorm a list of ideas of what you hope to gain from the event. By spending some time doing this you will then be able to decide what you want to achieve at the event, and get your company a step closer to achieving their goals.

You will also need to write down what equipment you think you might need for such as projectors for videos or slide-shows, wi-fi and floor space.

#2 Research

We can't overstate just how important research is to the success of your event, and spending a little bit of time on this before you start searching for a venue, could save you hours further down the line. One great thing to do is talk to fellow employees who have attended corporate events in the past about their likes and dislikes, to give you some kind of guidance.

#3 Be Organised

As with any event it is crucial to have plenty of planning time, as it is very rare that an event is successful if it has been left to the last minute and rushed. Trying to find the perfect venue for your event is a hard-enough task as it is, and it will become even harder if you leave it to the last minute and your date is booked.

Also, if you allow yourself plenty of time to plan you open yourself up to venues letting you know if they have any deals on specific dates throughout the year. Being more flexible in the scheduling of your event will also give you this advantage as well.

#4 Location

If you are planning a corporate event then your guests are going to be coming from all over the UK (if not the world) and therefore location is key. Key things to keep in mind are:

- How far away is your venue from train stations and airports

- How easy it is to park at the venue

If it is not near any transport links then you may want to pick a different venue, as difficulty of getting there could put a lot of attendees off.

It is also important to ensure there are places for your guests to stay - if not in the venue itself, then nearby. Also, when you send out event invites make sure you send directions of how to get to the venue as this will help your guests to get there on time.

#5 Capacity

This is one of the most important factors to take into consideration when considering a venue - If you hire a venue that is too small that it can feel uncomfortable for guests, leaving them feeling unsatisfied and possibly damaging your company's reputation. On the other hand, if your venue is too large then it can also feel uncomfortable for your guests and can also make them think that you don't have enough people attending your event.

#6 Catering

During a corporate event, guests are going to expect to be able to have some type of food and beverage which means when you are looking for a venue you need to find out what catering facilities it has. If your venue does not have catering facilities in house, then ask them if they know of any local companies that you could use - they may have used people before.

#7 Ambiance

Setting the tone is really important in order to set the mood for the event and so visiting your venue before you book it for your event is really important, as you can get a feel for the place and whether it fits your theme. For example, if your event is going to be very high-end then you want to make sure that is the impression it gives when you first walk in.

As you can see it can be challenging to find your perfect venue, but hopefully we have given you some tips here as to what you need to think about when choosing one. If you need more help with planning conferences in London or conferences in Manchester then the team at Conferences UK team for free expert venue finding.

Author: Gladys Requina

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