Conference Venues Marketing 2019

Conference Venues Marketing 2019

Welcome to our conference venues marketing guide where we take a closer look at what it is, why it is important and the different types of event that can take place there.

What is Conference Venue Marketing?

Conference venue marketing is similar to all other forms of marketing in that it is concerned with the promotion of a venue, such as conference venue London, through the use of in-person interaction. There are many different types of venue marketing and the type you choose will be dependent on your specific goals for your event.
It can be used to help you build stronger relationships with your attendees, it can help you promote your services to potential customers, and with various other business goals as well.

Why is Venue Marketing Important?

Marketing is about communication and the ability to convey a message to the right people at the right time. Live events, for example, gives you the opportunity to connect directly with your customers and clearly communicate your message directly to them.

What Types of Events Can You Promote?

There are lots of different events that event planners may be asked to work on, and having a good understanding of these events will help you decide which is the best for you. Here are some types of events you may consider:

- Conferences. These large-scale events tend to be the commonest type of event planned and they can be B2B or B2C events which tend to have schedules which are filled with engaging speakers, valuable networking sessions and educational workshops. The most successful conferences mix an energetic atmosphere with a professional environment.

- Trade Shows. Trade shows and expos are aimed at presenting new services and products from a variety of brands in a professional manner, and here will be some sort of theme that ties all of the brands together.

- Seminars. These are focused on educating attendees and usually take place in more intimate settings. Having a smaller group of attendees means that more in-depth discussion and valuable knowledge sharing can take place. They usually only last for a few hours on one day.

- Internal company meetings. These sort of periodic business gatherings tend to be called in order to discuss certain topics, such as solving a specific problem, or assessing progress. They tend to be most common in businesses with over 25 employees but it is not restricted to this.

- Networking and Thought Leadership Events. The goal of these types of event help to present a businesses authority in a certain area and also provide the opportunity for people with related business interests to meet and interact with each other. They can be general admission or more focused on VIPs

- Galas and Ceremonies. These again can serve a variety of purposes but they tend to be formal events with one goal in mind - presenting your business in an elegant way. You could have a black-tie ball or even a white-tie ball if you want to really make an impression.

-VIP Events. These focus on providing your most influential customers and shareholders with an impressive and exclusive experience. The goal of these events is to increase revenue through maintaining the loyalty of these key figures.

- Job Fairs and Recruiting Events. Obviously, the goal of these types of events is to find and secure talent for all departments within a business. Typically held at colleges or universities these events are usually popular with start-ups or companies looking to freshen up their business.

- Team Building. These are internal events which focus on providing fun and interesting ways for your employees to bond, in order to make them better collaborators and leaders. It is also a way to get people from different departments to meet.

- Field Marketing. The goal of these events is to help form a stronger emotional bond between a business and its audience. It is therefore important that people know the specific audience they are targeting so you can plan the activities accordingly.

Venue marketing is one of the most important parts of event planning and we hope this guide has given you some insight into it. The other important part, venue finding, is something that the team at Conferences-UK can help with, including conferences at Regus Warrington. So, why not get in touch with us.

Author: Gladys Requina

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