Conference Venues Tips for Time Saving Event Planning

Conference Venues Tips for Time Saving Event Planning

Event planning can be a stressful job. There are a million and one jobs that need to be done, and it can seem that every deadline you have means everything comes down to the wire. So, to help you out the conference venues team have pulled together some top tips to help you save time during the event planning process, and ensure your next event is a brilliant success: #Start Planning Early As we have said above, planning an event can be a monumental task and so the more time you give yourself to complete the task the better. So, it is wise to start planning your event as early as possible to not only help you to maintain your sanity but also potentially get the best deal on your chosen conference venue London, find the best event staff and also give you more time to problem solve any issues you come across. #Make Use of Event Software If you want to get the most out of your event, streamline as many processes as you possibly can with the use of event software. In fact, some research has shown that businesses who use event software could save up to 223 hours a year - which would give you lots of time to craft the most amazing event ever! #Use Other Event Tools To save even more time you can use other event related software as well, which will also make your life much easier. Things such as HubSpot which can help with your marketing activities, Livestream to help with streaming your event to people who can't make it, and Trello to keep track of who is doing what. There are lots of clever apps out there which will help to make your event planning much less stressful. #Focus on your Priorities The most common productivity tip you will come across is working out what your priorities are in terms of time and effort, and focusing in on these. The more focused on your key objectives you can be throughout the whole planning process, the better the actual event will be. There are a million and one things that you will need to achieve during the event planning process so knowing where to start is key. First things first, work out what your overall vision for the event is and then prioritise your task list based on the important tasks rather than just the most urgent ones. #Follow a Proven Process As we have said many a time, event planning can be complicated. However, yours is not the first event to have ever been planned - there are proved processes that have worked in the past that you can easily follow. Look at events that have been planned within your business, and in the event world in general, and learn everything you can about their successes and failures. #Create a List We love lists here at Conferences UK - writing things down and having a structure to our days helps us all to work more efficiently. You should start by listing every single thing you need to do - it may take some time but it will be worth it in the end. You can then schedule each task onto a calendar with target achievement dates next to them. Once you have identified each task and set a deadline you are in a better position to check them off once they have been completed. #Delegate What You Can As event planning is such a huge job you should never attempt it by yourself. Delegation is key to any successful event. Delegating tasks to your team is great as it not only engages them, but also helps them to feel invested in their job and can improve productivity. Using experts like the Conferences UK team to source your venue can also take a huge weight off your shoulders as well and be a big boost to achieving your goal. #Use Emails Effectively Email is an essential tool for many event planners although it can feel a little stressful when you have tonnes of emails hitting your inbox that you need to deal with. It doesn't have to feel like that though. You can: - Use technology such as the boomerang app to remind you to follow up on certain emails - Use canned responses to save yourself time when sending the same reply to many people - Filter your messages. Most email clients have a filtering system built in which will allow you to organise your inbox better and reduce stress - Unsubscribe from emails you don't read which will reduce the amount of emails you have to trawl through each day! Hopefully these tips will help you save time when it comes to planning your next event. If you are looking to source the perfect conference venue, whether it be a hotel in Glasgow or the Regus Warrington, the team here at Conferences UK are poised and ready to help.

Author: Gladys Requina

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