How Much Do Venues in the UK Cost?

How Much Do Venues in the UK Cost?

If you are new to conference and event planning, then you may be wondering exactly how much do venues in the UK cost? At first thought, it may feel like it will be a large expense, but in reality it all depends on your venue - different venues will cost different amounts depending on a variety of things. In this article we will discuss what the different options are when it comes to venue charges and how can you decide which is the best option for your event. Venue Types There are a wide variety of venues that can be hired for events these days, especially if you are looking for a conference venue London, for example. You should make sure you have a good idea of the different options available to you before you start looking to make sure you don't miss any out: -Hotels. The most common type of venue. Most hotels will have at least one event space such as a ballroom, but you may also be able to hire their lobby, bar or restaurant. - Conference Centres. Another popular type of venue. These are dedicated event spaces offering a wide range of options from small meeting rooms through to large auditoriums. - Co-working Centres. A fairly new option for event hire, these venues generally have meeting rooms which are free for members to use. They may also have spaces which could be used for networking events as well. - Community Halls. Most local authorities will have spaces available to hire and these are often available at a subsidised rate. Check out local religious organisations as well, as they also have spaces you may be able to use. - Sports Clubs. Most local sports clubs, such as golf, rugby or football, will look to make some extra money by renting out their premises for use - as long as you avoid their fixture days - Restaurants. If you are planning a large event, you may be able to take over a restaurant or a private dining room within a restaurant. - Pubs or bars. Many pubs have rooms that can be rented, or you could hire out a whole bar if you need to. Clubs that are usually only open at night could be a great inexpensive option for a daytime event. - Academic Venues. Other affordable venues include academic facilities such as schools, colleges or even universities - although you may have to hold your event out of term time How Venues Charge and Average Costs - Hiring Fee. The hire fee is usually a fixed price which is paid by the hour, half day or day. It usually just covers the hire of the event space itself, and not any extras such as food or beverage. You will need to check that any items you see in the room when you look around, are included in the price. You will also need to check whether you can bring you own suppliers in or whether you have to use catering and so on provided by the venue. Hire fees can range from 20 pound an hour or 100 pound a day up to thousands for a more prestigious space. - Dry Hire Fee. You will need to look for a dry hire venue if you want to provide your own food and drinks. You will pay a fixed fee for the space and then you can do what you wish. Venues which are dry hire usually mean room only, and so come with no equipment or decor and so you will need to bring everything in at your own cost. You may find that you pay a premium for hiring just the space but it can still work out to be a cheaper option. - Package Per Person Hire. Some venues will offer a package per person hire rather than a separate event hire fee, and so they bundle this up with the cost of catering. If you are planning a dinner or party then you can choose to pay a set price per person - a fee which will cover event space hire, serving staff, food and a number of beverages per person. These packages usually cost between 35 pound and 100 pound per person but can go higher that that if you want to include extras such as a disco. - Day Delegate Rate (DDR). Day delegate rates were designed for conferences and meetings and are usually available for half-day or full-day packages. Similar to package per person hire you pay a set price per delegate which includes event space hire, refreshment breaks, lunch, and basic AV equipment. The average DDR cost is 38 pound but this can go up to around 90pp pound. - Minimum Spend Venues. Venues that operate on a minimum spend basis tend not to charge a venue hire fee but instead insist on a minimum spend on food and drink. This may sound like a great option but you need to check the value of the food and drink on offer compared to other venues before you sign up for it. For example, If the minimum spend is 200 pound but the drinks cost twice as much as other venues then it is probably not the best deal for you. - Minimum to Guest Number. Some venues such as bars or clubs may be open to an arrangement where you guarantee the minimum number of attendees rather than the amount they will spend on drinks. You will need to guarantee an achievable number of people otherwise you will end up paying for the shortfall. If you are looking to hire a venue for your next event, why not get the experienced team at Conferences UK to help? We can find you the perfect venue from Glasgow to Nottingham conference centre, and everything in between.

Author: Gladys Requina

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