6 Questions to Ask When Choosing Training Venues London

6 Questions to Ask When Choosing Training Venues London

It is a commonly known fact that the cheapest way to train people - whether it be customers or employees - is to train them in your own conference room on site. However, this is not always the most efficient way, as it relies on your support staff having the time to manage the logistics of doing this. It is rarely as simple as it sounds, and the reality is more often likely to be that your ROI will be low. Before you decide whether to run your next training session in house or at an external venue such as training venues London there are a lot of things you need to take into account. You need to make a carefully weighed up decision in order to ensure you have a positive impact on your company's goals. With this in mind, here are six questions you need to ask when you are searching for a conference venue: #1 Does the venue provide your students with the optimal learning environment? You cannot underestimate the importance of holding your training in a location which is specifically designed for learning. There are countless studies out there which have been undertaken by academics and training industry professionals which show that where you hold a training session can be just as important as the actual content of the course. Top quality learning Centre's will have rooms designed specifically with learning in mind, and have a myriad of features designed to encourage learning. These can be things such as having plants in the room as these are believed to stimulate the part of the brain that absorbs and retains knowledge. #2 Is your inhouse room capable of holding the number of students you wish to teach? As we have said above, it is vital that your learning space is optimised for the learning experience, and trying to squeeze 20 people into a room designed for 10 is not optimal. From room size and design to furniture and seating configuration, there are lots of reasons why a custom-designed learning venue is fundamentally important. #3 Will there be any students joining you virtually? You will probably be hard stretched to find an in-house training venue which has the technical services and support needed to pull off a seamless training experience for both internal and offsite students. One option maybe to outsource your training session to a training services company, especially if you have a large number of learners to educate. They will ensure that remote learners are able to participate through computers, connectivity and technical support services. #4 Do your in-house staff have the capabilities and time to match external training companies? Planning and executing a great training session takes a lot of time and effort. There are so many things to think about, and problems that can arise during the whole process. Working with an external venue can offer you more than just specifically designed learning spaces, as they will have staff that can help you with complexities such as learner registration, logistics and administrative services. #5 Is your in-house learning space distraction free? One of the main challenges of running a training course on your business premises is that learners can get easily distracted - especially by their daily work duties. Sending them to an offsite venue will encourage them to focus on what they are there to learn. #6 Are you current training methods focused on knowledge and employee morale? Workplace interventions such as training and development, can help to boost your employees self-confidence and skills which will in turn benefit your business. By improving job performance and reducing workplace stress your employees will no doubt become more productive. By offering your employees access to training courses, you are showing them that you care about them and their professional development. Sending them offsite for their training increases the likelihood that they will not only retain their knowledge but also their loyalty. As you can see taking the time to consider a UK conference venue for your next training day could be paramount to your companies success. The team here at Conferences UK are here to help - we are experts on corporate venue finding.

Author: Gladys Requina

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