UK Conference Trends 2020

UK Conference Trends 2020

This is the time of year when many large UK conference companies roll out their trend reports for the next year. CWT Meetings and Events, for example, has recently released its '2020 Meetings and Events Future Trends Report' which is packed full of useful information for anyone in the hospitality and event industry. So, if you are involved in the conference venues industry, what are the trends you need to know about in 2020? Well, safety and security are top of the priority list there are lots of other trends that are emerging, such as sustainability (looking at the impact meetings have on local communities and the environment), mass personalisation, and the roll out of 5G. #1 Corporate Social Responsibility One of the key trends for 2020 is concerned with sustainability from an economic, environmental, and social perspective and so more and more brands want to be seen as taking sustainability seriously. Customers are really driving this focus, especially in countries such as France where there is the PACTE law which focuses on providing companies with the opportunity to be liberated, better funded, more innovative and fairer. There is also a feeling that this trend is more than just about making sure that events are educational and business development focused, and more about creating some kind of good for global communities. It isn't an add-on after thought, it means your event has to be about creating entire experiences where your brand makes a statement about what they stand for as a response to consumer demand. #2 Engaging Content Another trend that was highlighted in the report was engaging content, formed from organisers taking on board the feedback from delegates when they are planning their next event. Mass personalisation is the way forward with delegates requesting more choice in travel arrangements, for example, such as staying longer or travelling with different airlines for example. This also means that event planners need to get more creative with content with the report suggesting more 'bite sized content sessions' to help inspire and engage delegates. #3 Technology Trends The forecasted roll out of 5G means that delegates will have access to speeds of 100 times greater than 4g which means more people will have access to live streaming. Live streaming will also be cheaper, quicker and easier than ever before and will also involve more use of AR and holograms. It also means that there will be less reliant on wi-fi at conference venues which means organisers can be more creative when it comes to choosing locations. This faster technology coupled with the rise in online influencers means that although planners may curate events for 1000 people, they will want to make sure these delegates stream the event to their online audience. #4 Brexit In the meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions sector there are a lot of fears surrounding Brexit still with the likelihood of cancellations increasing and lead times decreasing. However, it is good to note that London still retains its top spot as a meeting destination for 2020, maybe partly due to the falling value of the pound. Other cities in the UK, such as Manchester and Liverpool are also gaining in popularity due to their cheaper prices than the rest of Europe. #5 Changing Tastes in Food One of the other key trends mentioned in this report was the changing tastes in delegates approach to food with more and more people requesting gluten-free or vegan options and locally sourced products. This, coupled with a move by conference organisers to decrease the amount of wastage they produce means that more events are being planned which allow delegates to grab what they want from grab-and-go stations. We hope this article has given you some ideas of what you might want to do with your events next year. If you are looking for conference venues of excellence and need some help, then please give the team at Conferences UK a call.

Author: Gladys Requina

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