How to Make Your Event Bigger and Better than Ever

How to Make Your Event Bigger and Better than Ever

Event planning can seem like such a complex task; with the seemingly never-ending list of to-do's, and the worry that your guests won't want to come or think it's boring. And let's face it; most of us have probably attended a mind-numbingly boring meeting, pointless team building day or an awkward corporate dinner in our working lives! But don't worry about your event turning into one of those... here at ConferencesGroup we've got some tips on how to make your event bigger and better than any event your company has ever held before! Whether it's a conference, team building day or sophisticated soiree, you can ensure your event will be one your guests remember for all of the right reasons. > Find the perfect venue Arguably the most important aspect of any event is finding the right venue - whether it's for a corporate party, conference or a meeting. Consider what might be the best location for employees - somewhere in the centre of town may be more expensive compared to the country, but it may well be easier to get to. It can be very time-consuming finding the perfect venue, so why not get in touch with us at ConferencesGroup? Just let us know your budget, number of attendees and desired location and we'll find the right destination for you; allowing you time to plan the rest of your event! > Pick an interesting theme Unusual themes will be much more intriguing to attendees, whether it's a party or a team building day you're organising. So whether it's a murder mystery themed dinner or a scavenger hunt; make it interesting and different to anything that's been done before. > Send out invitations early To get a more accurate idea of numbers, sending out your invitations early will be beneficial in making your event the best it can be; as you can start to tailor activities around the number of guests. If it's a conference you're planning, a simple email may be sufficient; but if you want to create excitement, why not get invitations especially made (depending on your budget anyway!) and handed round the office? > Plan a variety of events If it's a conference or a team building day you're organising, break up the day by hosting a variety of activities. Instead of back-to-back presentations, mix it up with activities that will get guests participating and moving around, as well as breakout sessions. Be sure to overestimate the times for each of these activities to ensure the schedule doesn't run over; plus employees will thank you if they get a couple of small breaks! A motivational speaker can work well too, especially if you don't fancy being the one who does all the talking. > Create a buzz Make sure you get employees excited about attending your event - you could create a page on Facebook where you can release 'snippets' of information to get everyone talking; or send out weekly emails instead. Releasing a schedule of the day can be a good way to create intrigue, or you could even ask employees on their thoughts for activities... just make sure you do this in plenty of advice so you can tailor your event accordingly; otherwise there's no point! > Encourage feedback from attendees Don't forget to thank your guests after the event once you're back in the office, and ask for feedback on what they liked or perhaps thought could be improved. That way, not only will it encourage more conversation (and good memories!), but it means that next time you arrange an event, you can make it even bigger and better!

Author: Gary Burgess

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