Welcome to the Board Room: Best Meeting Rooms in the UK

Welcome to the Board Room: Best Meeting Rooms in the UK

Glasgow, London and Nottingham are full of excellent meeting rooms. Regardless of the location of your conference or meeting, you'll need the best location possible to guarantee a successful event. If you're looking for the best meeting rooms in Glasgow or conference venues in London, we can help. Before you begin your search, let's start with a few of the best meeting rooms in the UK. Novotel Nottingham Derby One of the best Nottingham conference centres around, the Novotel Nottingham Derby can hold up to 250 people and offers plenty of parking for all of your guests. Just 8 miles from the city centre of either Derby or Nottingham, this conference venue is the ideal location for any event or meeting need. The hotel has invested over 4 million in renovations, and now has the highest standard public areas of virtually any conference centre in the area. An in-house restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner while a bar offers both appetizers and evening night-caps for those so inclined. For everything you need to successfully hold a conference or meeting, this event space is one of the best in Nottingham. St James Hotel and Conference Centre in Nottingham In 2014 the St James Hotel and Conference Centre in Nottingham was completely refurbished, must to the pleasure of their clients. The venue now features luxurious grand palazzos of Venice and has been completely transformed in to a relaxing space ripe for special events. For those looking for a stylish Nottingham Conference Centre, the newly re-vamped St James Hotel offers both private meeting rooms and large conference rooms ideally suited for more demanding events. Kensington Conference and Events Centre London The Kensington Conference and Events Centre in London is everything a conference centre should be. It has plenty of space and includes meeting rooms, event management facilities, modern conference communication equipment and much more. With enough parking space for over 400 vehicles, this is definitely a spot for large conferences. If you have any questions about the best meeting options in the area, then consider using our services.

Author: Gladys Requina

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