7 Surprising Ways You Can Use Tech to Improve Your Next Conference

7 Surprising Ways You Can Use Tech to Improve Your Next Conference

Consumers and industry professionals have higher standards than they once did. Technology is no longer an expectation of only those in the tech industry. At Conferences UK, we help folks isolate the top conference venues for their next event. In the process, we are often asked what specifications our clients should consider when hiring a space. One of the most important is technology. Newer spaces like the conference centre in London and the Edinburgh conference centre come fully outfitted with top-level tech, but not every space is the same. The good news is, you can bring your own technology to showcase how forward-thinking your company is. Here are 7 ways you can do this. 1. Promote Your Event and Go Live Via Social Media Apps Social media is the centre of most people's lives. Finding a way to tap into that could prove seriously beneficial for your business. One recent feature of social media is live streaming. Social channels like Periscope, Facebook Live, Facebook Instant Video, Instagram Story, and Snapchat are providing wholly new ways to speak to your audience. In the past two years, virtually all social channels have added video to their features. A few ways you can implement this to your advantage is by checking in with your audience in a live Facebook video to let them know you have arrived, that a special event is about to start, or where they can go to learn more about what you offer. Thanks to the push towards live video, it is likely we will see audiences pushing for live streaming from the booths they want to learn about. The greatest challenge this presents to you is finding Wi-Fi bandwidth to make it a reality. Do not let that stop you. Use live video to show off your booth and gain more interest for it. 2. Send out Personalised Push Notifications Push notifications are a killer, yet underused, way to engage audiences. Even if users have downloaded your app, chances are they are not checking it out. For your next event, invest in push notifications to send special offers to your audience even when they are not looking at your app. There are a few ways to do this, but this is a great quick guide on how to get started with push notifications if you are unfamiliar. 3. Keep Your Team on Track with Productivity Tools To keep your event on track during your conference, you will need your team to be on the same page. Fortunately, there are plenty of collaboration tools available to help you do that. A few we really like include Trello, Redbooth, and Azendoo. Save time by using these tools to streamline communication, lay out action points, and prioritise what needs to be completed first. This is an excellent way to keep everyone on the same page throughout your event and conference. 4. Interactive Kiosks Kiosks have changed dramatically thanks to technology. You can now get inside your audience's mind by using technology that is literally made to do that. Here are a few of the most popular and functional kiosks available to conference venues throughout the UK. They include: - iPad kiosks ideal for branding purposes - iPad desk stands to capture information from attendees - Interactive standing kiosk to tell attendees about your event 5. Show off Your Products via Virtual Reality Virtual reality is not quite mainstream, but it has reached a place where most people know what it is and how it works. Why not use it for your next conference? There are few ways and reasons to use VR. One way you can use it to provide a 360-degree view of your product. Or if you are in real estate, you could use it to provide a virtual tour of the property. You could also use it to show comprehensive analytics and data trends around your industry. The only limits are the ones you impose. 6. Measure Attendee's Moods with Biometrics Did you know you can measure your audience's mood with the latest technology? Facial recognition systems can tell you a person's gender, age, mood, and ethnicity allowing you to store a database of those most interested in your products. You can later analyze these and create a long-term strategy based on real engagement. This tech might be out of the reach for some, but it certainly opens our eyes to what the future has in store. To learn more about how this is being implemented, consider reading this article. 7. Superior Visual Equipment Visual components are non-negotiables. You need the best projectors, 4K TVs and lighting equipment to get your branding across in the right way. Investing in superior visual equipment can make all the difference at your next conference by improving experience without making people listen to a not-so-interesting speaker. 8. Summary Regardless of if you are wanting to hire the conference centre in London or the Edinburgh conference centre, the best events use technology to get their message across. For your next event, consider contacting our team to help you select conference venues that accommodate technology in the best possible way.

Author: Gladys Requina

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