15 Foolproof Venue Finding & Booking Tips for Busy Project Managers Part II

15 Foolproof Venue Finding & Booking Tips for Busy Project Managers Part II

Rolling off of our last post, we are covering another five tips to keep yourself sane while planning an event. At Conferences UK, we help event managers find the perfect conference venues and meeting rooms in central London and beyond. But we also understand you need help planning the event itself. To help you get all your ducks in a row, here are five more tips to make booking your next event easy. 11. Try the Pomodoro Technique Many experts recommend not looking at your phone or responding to any messages for at least two hours in the morning. One survey taken of over 2,000 workers in the UK, showed that email notifications are a source of anxiety for British workers (no surprise!). Checking your emails first thing in the morning can be counterproductive. The Pomodoro technique helps you break through your event planning tasks without working 24/7. All you have to do is set your timer for 25 minutes, find out how many intervals of 25 minutes you will need to complete the task, and push out distractions. This literally teaches your brain how to focus on short sections of time. Pretty soon you will find it easy to hash out tasks and accomplish your to-do list. For event planning, one session or Pomodoro could be devoted to emailing vendors or analysing your guest list. Small breaks boost creativity and motivation. Try it out! It might just be the best thing you ever did. 12. Get the Antidote to Procrastination All large events are subject to procrastination. If you struggle to get things done, you could be suffering from this deadly project management disease. Whether you need to find the perfect Edinburgh training and conference venue or have to nail down catering if you do not feel like getting it done it could cost you big time in the end. The antidote to procrastination is the Zeigarnik Effect. This effect only takes place if you take one small action on your project. The Zeigarnik Effect says that if you are interrupted during a task you are more likely to feel like completing it. It seems counterproductive, but interrupting yourself with another task can make you more likely to go back and complete it. So if you are overwhelmed by the list of venues we offer here at Conferences UK, you should stop and work on advertising and then return to the list later. This guarantees you will make a decision once you come back. 13. Break Down Your Tasks Life is so much easier to manage when you break down your big projects into smaller tasks. Instead of creating a large to-do list with everything you need to get done, break down your larger task into more manageable ones. Hone in on each of these tasks to build momentum and celebrate when you complete one. Some people find it pleasurable to cross things off their list, physically. Others prefer to use an electronic app to click things off their to-do list. Find something that makes you feel satisfied so you are not overwhelmed by the overall list of tasks you have to do. The trick is to break things into chunks that are manageable. You could even categorize your list based on activity (e.g. venue finding with contract signing and research etc.). 14. Make Data Your Best Friend Data can save you time. Identify ways to quantify your work as an event planner. Take a look at surveys and use them to make decisions about your next event. These surveys can give you quantifiable information about the decisions you have made and what your guests think of them. Data could include feedback about kiosks, location, and lodging. This saves you time by revealing patterns in your events and what your guests want. Also, be sure to read reviews before booking conference venues. 15. Book More Time Than You Need You may think that a few hours are enough for your next conference, but you could run over. The best plan of action is to rent the space for a minimum of one day. It is much easier to take time from your contract than it is to add time, especially if you are booking a popular conference venue. For more information about how you can save time and money booking meeting rooms in central London or finding the right Edinburgh training and conference venue please contact the Conferences UK team today.

Author: Gladys Requina

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