How to Make Your Trade Show Sizzle in 7 Easy Steps

How to Make Your Trade Show Sizzle in 7 Easy Steps

Trade show exhibits are one of the best ways to get your brand's voice heard. If you're new to exhibits and trade shows, you might be at a loss for how to make your business stand out. There are countless ways to attract the right audience to your event and effectively market your business. Sorting through the noise, however, isn't as easy. If you're ready to take your trade show to the next level, then consider the following 7 easy steps to vamp up your trade show. Step 1. Market to Executive-Level Professionals First, who you market to is just as important as what you advertise. Target Executive-Level professionals with your trade show advertising. One study by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) proved that most first-time attendees are most often executive-level pros who make decisions. These individuals are more likely to show up to your event if they are confident in your reputation and know that it will deliver real opportunity for their business, help them make better business decisions, feature high-quality speakers, and provide a valuable ROI. If you can prove your event will do that, you're in a good place to market to these C-Level professionals. Step 2. Use All The Channels Modern day marketing involves much more than TV commercials, radio spots, and flyers. There are countless social media marketing channels to push through your next event. Although we specialise in finding conference venues in Manchester, we equally understand the importance of using all the right resources. Attendees who want to visit new events check out multiple sources to get information. Your job is to clearly communicate your value proposition on social media, websites, and in the right publications. Don't just share things on social media, share answers to your attendee's questions. Step 3. Refine Your Target Another study by the Attendee Acquisition Benchmarks and Trends Study showed organisations link their growth to improved email targeting along with better use of digital tools. Want to grow your event? Then why not refine your target through email targeting? You cannot have a successful trade show if you don't target correctly. Even if you use purchased an email list, you can still tailor your messaging appropriately. Perhaps highlight a speaker who might resonate better with that section of your audience. You could also opt for digital re-targeting. Both Facebook and Google AdWords use re-targeting to engage your audience with ads and so much more. This re-targeting encourages you to continue to connect with your audience on multiple occasions. You'll also want to reach out to the press and communicate your offerings to them too. Step 4. Become a Thought Leader Trade events frequently appeal to both the supply side and the demand side of businesses. The good news is if you sign up to be a speaker at the event you can target everyone in the room and appear as a thought leader in your industry. Why does that matter? Speakers are generally seen as a trusted source for their business. While public speaking can seem overwhelming, it can be just the catalyst you're looking for to set your business up for greater success. As experts in helping businesses find the right conference venues for their needs, we have watched as our clients use public speaking to grow their company. Too scared to speak, check out this website for professional advice on how to improve your public speaking. Step 5. Promote Getaways and Special offers Want a more creative way to drum up interest in your amazing trade show? Then offer a special promotion or offer. If you sell air conditioners, enter attendees into a raffle when they RSVP to your event. Or you can go a different route and give away gift cards and special products that your attendees might have an interest in. Once again, it all goes back to what your audience wants. If you study them and their needs you stand a better chance of getting them interested in your event. Step 6. Show Off a Little There's nothing wrong with showing off a little bit, even for a trade show. Build buzz about your trade show with word-of-mouth marketing. Tools like YouTube, Blogging, and even Hubspot can serve as a platform that gets the conversation going about your business. Be sure to add testimonials and do surveys to strike interest. Step 7. Find the Perfect Venue Finding the perfect venue for your event is an exhausting process. But there is help available. We assist everyday businesses to locate the best meeting venues in London along with the top conference venues in Manchester. We factor in what type of venue is needed to facilitate the event. Is a convention building better than a conference room? Would a museum or hotel be better suited? Is it close to transit like airports, trains or buses? Don't overlook the details when renting a venue. Your guests will notice and it can dramatically decrease the quality of your leads. Need Help Finding a Spot? Your trade show event could lead to thousands of pounds in revenue if you play your cards right. Doing so starts with finding the right conference venues. We can help with that. Contact the Conferences UK team today to secure the right venue and plan an event that will leave attendees wanting more.

Author: Gladys Requina

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