How to Increase Your Tradeshow ROI

How to Increase Your Tradeshow ROI

Trade shows are a great way to stimulate interest in your brand or business. However, they can also be quite costly, and if you manage yours incorrectly you could find yourself on the losing side of your ROI. While we passionately pursue our goal of being the best venue search in the UK, we also recognise your need to maximise results. We also actively help you find cheap meeting rooms in London along with conference venues that keep costs low. Here are a few of our other recommendations to increase trade show ROI for your business. 1. Keep Your Budget Under Control First, analyse your goals and your budget. See exactly how your goals compare with the realistic expenses you will be up against. Find cheap meeting rooms in London if you need to hash out the details of your trade show before you select an event. Isolate the best possible accommodations to keep your people comfortable during their stay without breaking your budget. 2. Choose the Right Event Another key piece of the puzzle is to estimate the cost of exhibiting at the trade show. Outline those costs first. You will want to follow-up with that by figuring out how many qualified customers might be at your event. Like any good marketing campaign, you need to determine your qualified customer and figure out where they will actually be. Is it at this trade show you are thinking about attending? And if they are going to show up, how many of them will be? Is it enough to qualify your investment in the event itself? Some trade show events will be better than others. While many may have high-quality marketing campaigns that drive engagement, others are taking a more laidback approach and do not have the premium marketing campaigns needed to attract attention. Another factor to consider is to determine how significant that trade show is to your industry. Are your competitors likely to show up? How about the location? Is it off the beaten path? Conference venues that are not in high traffic areas are less likely to get the high traffic you need to justify your investment. So choose wisely. 3. Educate Yourself One recent study noted that 20% of event marketers do not know how to track and measure their ROI. Even though that seems like a small number, if you are in the 20%, you will end losing big on your ROI. Figure out a few concrete ways to track your ROI. Technology definitely provides plenty of new ways to track the metrics of your event. From kiosks that you have customers sign into before they interact with your staff, to apps that can quickly engage your audience before they even step foot on the trade show floor, there are many ways to increase your metrics nowadays. Gather information before you make a decision to join a trade show and then track customer engagement once you get there. That will revolutionise how you handle trade shows in the future as well. 4. Think About Your Trade Show Design Not every design will get you good results. You want your booth to be interactive, helpful, and meaningful. You also want to highlight the benefits of your service to encourage your engagement. For the best results, get your creative team on board. First, start with some creative designs. Bright colors, interesting verbiage, and of course technology is a cool way to engage your audience. Hanging signs, conference rooms that provide a full tutorial of your idea or product, and also kiosks that educate people about what you do provide a great way to interact with your business. People also love originality. If you can come up with something no one else has done before at trade shows you will be a huge hit. You might do this by implementing intuitive screens, AI, or provide some sort of instant reward like a spinning wheel. The more engaged people are with your booth, the better your ROI will be. 5. Create the Right Team Your marketing team needs to be creative, friendly, and innovative. Trade show booths are only as good as the team that runs them, so sure to pick your core team wisely. At Conferences UK, we want to be a part of your winning trade show team. From helping you find cheap meeting rooms in London to securing you the best conference venues, or offering

Author: Gladys Requina

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