What to Include in Your Venue Search for Meeting Venues

What to Include in Your Venue Search for Meeting Venues

Just like all meetings don't have the same content, not all meeting venues are created equal either. To keep the attention of your team and hold a quality meeting, you have to find the best conference venues available with the best possible meeting rooms. There is much to consider when you shop for a meeting venue. Our list of what to include in your venue search will help you maximise your investment and ensure you get the most out of your time there. What is Included in the Facilities Looking solely at the venue as a whole could get you in trouble and lead to disappointment. Instead, focus on what you want out of your experience there. For example, what type of facilities do they offer? At the most basic, your meeting venues should include reliable wi-fi, video conferencing abilities, printers, and lighting. Also, these requirements might also be more extensive if you have a need for video call with more people. Think about what your meeting will involve and use that as the basis for the facilities you require. Of course, with all that tech, you might also need on-site support. If your video conference call fails you need someone who can get you back on track. Ask if that's available. You'll feel far less stressed if you have it. Also, be sure to ask about costs since that might be more than you expected. Is it Convenient for Your Staff? Sure, it might be tempting to sign the contract on a conference venue in London that's way cheaper than you can find anywhere else, but does your staff want to travel there? In the best-case scenario, you and your staff won't have to travel to your location, or at least won't have to travel very far. If travel does have to happen, then it should be as simple and pain-free as possible. After all, some 47% percent of meeting-goers think they are unproductive and won't be very thankful for the invite if it's also inconvenient for them. Also, think about parking. Is there some available on-site and if so, how much is it? What about public transportation, is that needed and does it go to your meeting venue? When you're thinking about choosing the cheaper location, remember that your staff will have to travel to get there and you might have to reimburse them for their travel costs. Customer Service Sure, you might think that customer service doesn't determine the success of your event, but it actually has a dramatic effect. Your meeting is only as successful as the support and happiness of your team. A good event team can also take the burden off your shoulders. If you have questions about how to work a piece of equipment, where to find the restrooms, if snacks are available etc., then the customer service team on staff should be supportive. The best way to determine that is to ask the people you're booking from a few questions and call a time or two. At the end of the day, conference venues that do customer support well should be responsive to your requests. Environment that Your Staff Feels Comfortable In Your meeting is very important to your business, no doubt. It can determine the course of your events and projects as well. However, if your staff is not comfortable in the environment it can make the meeting less productive. Your job is to source conference venues in London that represent what your staff wants. Two important features are food and furniture. Food is important because no one learns or collaborates well on an empty stomach. Ask if the venue provides on-site catering options and what the costs are. Be sure to think about your team's dietary requirements (gluten free, vegan etc.). Furniture too is important. Uncomfortable furniture is an easy way to tick off your staff and prevent them from getting the most out of your meeting. This is one reason why you have to visit the venue in person. You need to sit in the chairs your team will be sitting in and see if it truly is as comfortable as advertised. Are There Branding Opportunities Branding opportunities are equally important. Even at a meeting, you still need to think about where and how you can brand your business. Think about whether or not you can use an in-house marquee or location where you can add signs too. If there are no options, you might want to continue your search. When you're ready to find the perfect meeting venues or conference venues, use Conferences UK, we have your back!

Author: Gladys Requina

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