Quick Ways to Use Social Media for Your Next Conference Event

Quick Ways to Use Social Media for Your Next Conference Event

Social media rules the world. Literally. There are some 2.8 billion social media users around the world as of 2018. That represents a massive percentage of the world's population. But what does that have to do with your next event? We like to help people like you find meeting rooms in Central London and beyond, but we also know you need assistance in planning your event. From finding the right conference venues to developing a plan of attack for your marketing campaign, we are here to help. So, let's take a look at how you can use social media to your advantage at your conference venues in London. Read on to learn more. 1. Use Facebook to Capture Lost Leads Facebook is your friend, and your friend's friend, so it only makes good logical sense to use it in your marketing campaigns and effort. But what are some good ways to go about doing that? As it turns out, Facebook is excellent for capturing leads that may have come to your landing page to buy tickets and ended up not purchasing tickets. How can you do this? Use a remarketing campaign to get them back. Simply grab a small bit of code form Facebook, called Facebook Pixel, and put it on the page where you hope to capture traffic, like your landing page. This then sends information about users who visit your page and sends them to your Facebook page. Facebook will then give you a Custom Audience profile that caters to your site visitors. Why does this work? Because it allows you to target specific people who have actually been to your landing page. 2. Tap into Video with YouTube Video is very powerful. In fact, YouTube consistently ranks as one of the top five social media platforms because of this. If you want to get people interested in your event and to choose you, then you have to appeal to their emotions. What's the best way to do that? Through a video presentation. Make a video about your event. Keep it short but make it valuable. Tell people what they can expect at your event, highlight the best features, and humanize your brand. If you already have a landing page together, crystalize the information on that page and turn it into a script for your video. Make it clear what emotional benefits the attendees will receive by showing up. Is it an annual event? Then add in footage of last year's highlights to provide social proof. Put it all together and you have yourself one amazing video. 3. Create a Catchy Event Hashtag on Twitter Oh Twitter, how we love thee. Twitter truly is the MVP of social media marketing. It is totally free and allows you to touch base with millions of potential audience members with the click of a mouse. A few ways you can use it for your event is to create a hashtag. Your hashtag has to be memorable, short, and difficult to misspell. It has to stick with your audience. Of course, you don't want a generic hashtag either. Your hashtag should highlight your event and make sense as well. Using the event date is a great idea because it hammers down when the event is happening making it impossible to forget. Once you've got your hashtag together, use it in every inch of your marketing campaign. Put it in your email signature, send it in your tweets, and encourage people on your team to use it whenever they tweet or post about the event. It's really that easy. 4. Use Instagram to Share your Event from Start to Finish Instagram is all about images. Trendy images of your event are a great way to draw attention to it. Start documenting your event as soon as you get started putting it together. If you have images of last year's event once again use it a social proof for what they can expect at this year's event. Share the conference venues of past events, highlight how fun it was and how attendees enjoyed the event. It is a great way to spread the word about your event as well. 5. Share Quick Updates Via Snapchat Snapchat is the new kid on the block, but it is a great way to share short stories about your event. Perhaps share video clips of an event rep highlighting all the best bits and pieces of this next event you're hosting. Get creative with your use of social media. And if you need help finding conference venues in Central London then reach out to us. We're here to help.

Author: Gladys Requina

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