Simple Ways to Create an Unforgettable Event Experience

Simple Ways to Create an Unforgettable Event Experience

At Conferences UK, we help our clients find conferences venues throughout the UK. We've helped our clients link up with the Derby Conference Centre and various conference venues in London. However, one area that our clients continual ask for assistance with is in developing an event experience that their audience won't soon forget. That's what today's post is all about. Creating an experience that people love is a key factor in hosting a successful special event. The reality is, the attendee experience is about so much more than just enjoying the keynote speaker. It has to do with how much fun they had while in attendance throughout that experience. This means from the moment they arrive at your conference venue they are having a good time. So, before you launch your event, here are some helpful tips to make it an unforgettable experience. 1) Long Before the Event You can never make another first impression. If you don't envision your event long before you start, you could end up falling flat with your audience. Start by thinking about what your audience wants to learn about. For example, did you realize that some 88 percent of consumers look online for the items they want to purchase before they go and buy it? What does that mean for your event? It means that any potential attendees to your event might visit your website before they decide to register for it. So, your job is to start by creating a powerful website that demonstrates the value of coming to your event. State some of the benefits from the keynote speakers, talk about the things they'll learn, and more. Layout the pros of visiting your event to entice people to agree to show up. Think about adding customised content on your website to build interest. You can also add video testimonials from previous attendees during other events you've held. And don't forget about social media. You can stay connected with your audience by driving buzz about it via your social media accounts. Tease your next event through social media through fun campaigns and get your attendees engaged with your event up front to build anticipation. 2) Create an Unforgettable Event Now that you have your attendees locked into the event via registration, the next step is to create an unforgettable event once they do show up. It might seem like this is impossible, but it can actually be rather easy if you do your research and figure out what your attendees want. One way to do this is to create a variety of sessions for your audience to attend. Chances are you will have a variety of people with a variety of concerns attending your event. Try your best to provide a diverse line up of speakers. Your attendees should feel included in the event. Interactive events are the best and will ensure that your audience doesn't go home feeling empty handed (or empty minded). Meaningful and valuable information is the currency of your event. After all, you want people to come back the following year. You want them to engage with the brands you have and with your company directly. Another way you can really impress the people who attend your event is to develop an amazing giveaway bag. Instead of giving standard gifts, why not hand out items that other events don't? For example, you'll want to present items that might be more expensive but give your attendees something to remember. Items you could include in your swag bag might include a giveaway where the 100th person to check into your event wins an iPad or something similar. Give them a reason to want to show up early and develop anticipation for what you have to offer. 3) Once The Event is Over After the doors have closed and your attendees have headed home, it is time to follow up with them. Your job is not done until the days after the event. The goal is to have your attendees share their experiences with their friends and business associates. One way to continue to engage them is to provide them with educational information that builds on what they learned at your event. You can also send a follow up feedback survey to your attendees as well. This gives you valuable information that you cannot get anywhere else. Planning every step of your next event can put you in a better position to offer your attendees an event they won't forget about. And if you're ready to find conference venues in London, we would love to help. Reach out to us for a customised list of conference venues.

Author: Gladys Requina

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