The Best Conference Venues Manchester

The Best Conference Venues Manchester

If you are looking for conference venues Manchester but are not sure where to start? We can help you to take away the guess work. Here at Conferences UK we have over 20 years experience of venue finding, and a database of over 10,000 UK venues to work from - meaning we can find your perfect venue in Manchester in no time at all. To get you started in thinking about exactly what you might need, we have prepared this list of some of the most popular venue types in Manchester: Cheap Conference Venues in Manchester. Even if you are on a tight budget, there are still a lot of venues in Manchester to choose from. There are also ways you can cut down on costs if the venue you really want is slightly out of budget. You could, for example, ask for a dry hire contract where you just pay for the space, and then add other elements such as chairs, tables, and audio-visual equipment depending on your budget.) Greater Manchester offers lots of options when it comes to dry hire spaces as it is packed full of warehouses, community halls and other venues which are great value for money. Luxury Conference Venues in Manchester. At the other end of the scale, Manchester is also packed full of state-of-the-art conference venues as well, which are even comparable to the best conference venue London. There are some fantastic luxury hotels in the city centre, for example, which not only offer fantastic spaces for your event but can also provide your attendees with five-star accommodation as well. Hotels are a great choice of venue if you are expecting attendees from all over the country, or even the world, as you can then offer them a base which is near to all of the great transport links - such as Manchester Airport. University Conference Venues in Manchester. These types of venues are not only fantastic for academically related events but they can provide a wonderful setting for other events as well. University venues are usually found in historical spaces which can really give your event the wow factor, and they will tend to be on the large side as well so if you are looking to host a lot of people at your event, it may be wise to consider academic spaces. Salford Quays Conference Venues. The choice of amazing conference venues in Manchester doesn't stop in the city centre, you can also find some great spaces on the outskirts, in Salford Quays specifically. One of the most vibrant waterfront spaces in Greater Manchester, and home to the BBC at MediaCity, it is not only a great place to host a conference, but you will also be able to offer your attendees some amazing night time views as well! It is easy to get to as well, with the Metrolink running there several times a day. If you are thinking of organising a conference in Manchester then there are several things you need to keep in mind. Having spoken to our experienced team, we have pulled together some of our top tips to make planning your event even easier: Pick a theme for your conference before you start venue finding. Once you have a theme in mind this will not only make the actual venue finding process easier, but you will also find it easier to set the agenda, and choose speakers for your event as well. As we have shown above, Manchester is packed full of lots of different spaces in many different styles, and so it will enable you to narrow down your search if you have a specific theme in mind. For example, if you are planning a conference based around business growth, then you could narrow your venue search area down to spaces within Manchester's vibrant Central Retail District. Opt for a conference venue that is as unique as your event. If innovation is the theme of your event then you will really get your attendees creative juices flowing if you choose a venue in Manchester's Northern Quarter - which is packed full of unique and trendy bars and restaurants, as well as lots of creative industrial spaces which would be perfect for your event. Choosing a quirky space, such as The Bierkeller Entertainment Complex, is a great way to ensure your event is a memorable one. Plan Refreshment Breaks Wisely. Many of the conference venues for hire in Manchester offer in-house catering as part of the package, or work with recommended caterers who know the venue well. You may also find venues who offer self-catering options, if you have preferred suppliers that you want to work with already. It is really important for a successful event that you plan in plenty of refreshment breaks as people's attention span can start to wane if sessions are too long. Make sure you set regular break times as part of the agenda, and ensure there are plenty of beverages and snacks available to keep attendees energy levels up. If you are looking for a conference venue in Manchester and need some help, then please get in touch with the Conferences UK team. We have a thorough understanding of the area, and have built great relationships with many of the leading conference venues and hotels in the area, so can find the perfect place for your convention, large seminar, small meeting or training session. Whatever it is you are looking for, be it an amazing conference venue Manchester, or the perfect derby conference centre, we have you covered.

Author: Gladys Requina

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