Conference Venues: 10 Things They Should Have

Conference Venues: 10 Things They Should Have

When you are looking at potential conference venues for your next event, there are some things to keep in mind to ensure they will provide exactly what you need. After all, there is no point in spending precious time visiting a venue if it doesn't meet your requirements, as if you fall in love with it you may end up going over budget to ensure you have the facilities and supplies you need for your conference to tun successfully. It is far better to have a conference venue, such as conference centre London, that is already equipped to serve your purpose. So, to help you work out exactly what you need, here are ten things every conference venue should have: #1 Accommodation Some events last for more than a day, and the venue may offer attendees a place to stay. However, if your chosen venue does not accommodation then you may need to look nearby. Venues within easy reach of a good hotel or hostel are preferable if your conference is going to last for a few days, in order to ensure delegates will not have to make a long journey from the hotel to the conference every morning and evening - this will put them off attending. #2 Adequate Electrical Equipment If your venue doesn't have the correct sound or lighting set-up then your speakers will neither be seen or heard, and this means you will run into problems. So, make a list of all the potential equipment you will need and then check with the venue whether they can provide this or not. If you require specific equipment then you may need to hire this. #3 Clear Acoustics Your key speakers need to be able to be heard, clearly and loudly wherever the delegate is sitting. Clear acoustics can make or break a conference, so make sure you check them out when you visit. #4 Comfortable Seating Long sessions can be made even worse when paired with awkward and uncomfortable seating. Plastic chairs are OK for quick ten minutes meeting but if your conference is going to run for hours on end you will need something sturdier. Your venue should offer you a variety of seating to choose from. #5 Designated Parking If you have delegates who want to travel by car to the venue then they will expect there to be designated parking or at least a car park nearby where they can park. They may not appreciate having to pay for parking, but pay and display car parks are at least one step up from having to park on a street somewhere. #6 Facilities Good toilet and washroom facilities are a definite must have, and something that every delegate will expect. All venues should have toilets, yes, but they may not have enough toilets to be able to cater for the amount of delegates you have. All you need is one blocked toilet and an overflowing sink and your delegates will not be happy. So, it is essential that you make sure your venue has more than enough toilets for everyone. #7 Nearby Entertainment This is not an essential for the venue itself but if the conference is to take place over several days then you need to make sure there is some entertainment nearby where delegates can rest and relax. Even if it is a serious business conference, your delegates will need to take a break otherwise they will burn themselves out. #8 Refreshments Organising refreshments with your venue is a must do, particularly if it is going to be a long one. Even if it is just to last a few hours, you will need to provide your delegates with food and beverages - they will expect it. It will also help to break the conference up, and keep your delegates alert and engaged. #9 Signposts / Clear Directions If your delegates cannot find the venue, either from your directions or from signposts, then you may end up having to delay the start of the conference while you wait for latecomers. This not only looks bad for the venue, but you will also have to deal with a lot of complaints as well. #10 Sockets Similar to electrical equipment, if you don't have enough sockets at the venue, to plug in all your necessary equipment and for your delegates to charge their phones and laptops then you are going to be in trouble. Make sure your venue has enough sockets to cover all you need. Of course, if you are running short on time, then you may end up not being able to cover all of the items on your list. If you do have a conference planned for a certain date and you can't find London conference venues, then you can get in touch with the team at Conferences UK. We offer a free venue finding service and will go all out to ensure you get the perfect venue for your needs.

Author: Gladys Requina

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