What to Keep in Mind When Hiring Corporate Venues

What to Keep in Mind When Hiring Corporate Venues

From creating an attendee list to designating your marketing campaigns, you stay busy when planning a conference. Another challenging aspect to the process is choosing from the available corporate venues. Whether you're looking for meeting rooms Edinburgh offers or have considered hiring the Manchester conference centre, you need to know what you're getting yourself into. To hopefully make the planning process easier, we've listed six things to keep in mind before hiring a conference centre or meeting room.


Accessibility is of paramount concern for any corporate event. Your delegates will appreciate your event being centrally located or near a major motorway. The more attendees you have, the more important location becomes.

What Room Capacities are Available?

Corporate venues often differ in the meeting spaces they offer. Therefore, it is critical to ask ahead of time what type and size rooms are available for your date and time. Never assume there is enough space for what you need done, especially if you have specialized team exercises in mind for your meeting. From meeting rooms Edinburgh has available to those found in London and elsewhere, the size of your meeting room makes a difference.


Parking is another major concern. For example, if the venue is the Manchester Conference Centre, parking shouldn't be much of a concern. If, on the other hand, you opt for a lesser-known meeting room or conference venue parking should be considered. The last thing you want is to hold your event at a location where parking is impossible.


Another excellent idea is to inquire about a coordinator. Some venues provide a leading coordinator to manage and organize your entire meeting. From preparing the room to guiding delegates to the appropriate location, they can handle the majority of your concerns. However, some corporate venues don't offer this service, so if it's something you prefer be sure and make that known upfront.

Cancellation Policies

A final point to keep in mind is the cancellation policy of the venue. If you suspect there would be any room for a cancellation then be sure to thoroughly review the venue's cancellation policy. Failure to do so could cost you significant revenue.

Whether you're looking for meeting rooms Edinburgh businesses have available or are considering hiring the Manchester Conference Centre, we want to help make your meeting a success. For a full list of the top corporate venues, consider working with Conferences UK on your next event.

Author: Gary Burgess

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