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There's an old phrase; "a picture tells 1000 words", well with film you can tell a whole lot more.

Conferences:UK Expert Film Production is a new service to provide you with a high quality production package, without the Hollywood budgets!

Every venue is different and we think that still images, although they can look superb, just don't show-off your venue in all its glory, like an HD film would.

Conferences:UK has enlisted a film crew to capture your venue in full, stunning High Definition. The production crew will then edit all the footage, with an appropriate soundtrack to give you the perfect showreel to entice your customers.

We create high quality, high definition, bespoke films that are tailored to your venue and underpin your brand."


  • 1/2 day shoot, 1 day edit (no interviews) = £1,200
  • 1 day shoot, 2 day edit (with interviews) = £1,500
  • 2 day shoot, 4 day edit (with interviews) = £2,000

What's included in the production packages? On the shoot:

  • 1 or 2 man crew; Cameraman and sound operator (or production assistant) to be available all day (8hour day) to film around the venue capturing the key selling points, as advised by the client.
  • High Definition Camera equipment
  • Full lighting equipment
  • Sound recording

Post-production (editing):

  • Edit suite hire
  • Film editor - overseen by director
  • Royalty free music, with option of bespoke music production (on higher value packages)
  • Colour Grading, to enhance the colours captured on the shoot, with colour tinting where appropriate to match existing venue marketing collateral; website, brochures etc.
  • Film encoding - ready for uploading to the internet; youtube etc.
  • Master backup version
  • Optional DVD production/duplication

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