What is the definition of a Meeting room?

Meeting room

A meeting room is a space usually set aside for people to get together, often informally to hold meetings, for issues to be discussed, priorities set and decisions made.

Meeting rooms come in various sizes; they can be small to accommodate two people undertaking an interview or a large number of people for a product launch.

Most large companies will have a number of meeting rooms in house but space and availability is usually at a premium and often companies need to book meeting rooms externally.

Meeting rooms in Hotels and Conference centres can usually be booked by the hour, half day or full day. Venues will be able to provide refreshments and lunch if required for delegates throughout the day.

It is said by some that poorly run meetings are a waste of time, failing to generate ideas and unfortunately far too higher percentage are ineffectual. Some analysists estimate up to 50% of meeting time is wasted. It is therefore essential that the meeting room is the appropriate size for the number of attendees and the right configuration that the chairs are comfortable and there are no external distractions.

Ask your Conference booking agent for help, if your need to book an external meeting room. You will not be restricted to Hotels only, meeting rooms can be booked in many types of venues, football grounds, Town Halls, Museums, the list is endless, so be sure to call your agent, for ideas and the best prices.

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