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Located in the East Midlands, the 2011 Census found that there were 305,680 people living in Nottingham; and over 700,000 living in Nottinghamshire; a 5% increase from 2001 in line with the rest of the country. Almost 50% of Nottinghams population is made up of people aged 30 and under; this is due to the amount of students attending Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University, and graduates staying in Nottingham for jobs.

While Nottingham used to be known for lace manufacturing, Raleigh bike production and to some extent mining, this has all changed. A range of well-known brands have head offices located in Nottingham including Alliance Boots, Speedo, E.ON and Rolls Royce. Nottingham is in fact, great for businesses, with a £60million budget available to businesses and entrepreneurs that wish to invest in Nottingham. Nottingham has recently been defined as a "Science City" in the UK (one of only six); and in the next ten years it is predicted that this sector will grow by 15%, creating almost 20,000 jobs.

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Nottingham can easily be reached by air. East Midlands Airport is located just 15 miles from the city centre, and serves 4.2million passengers each year to over 90 destinations . Birmingham airport is an hour away from Nottingham; with other international airports Manchester, Stansted and Luton a two hour drive away, making the city easily accessible for people all over the world.

Located in the centre of England, Nottingham is easy to reach from all cities in the UK. Nottingham train station has recently had a £100million investment, and when reopened in 2014, will have one new platform and six extra miles of track. Direct routes to cities including London (90 minutes), Manchester (2 hours) and Birmingham (60 minutes) ensure that Nottingham is a well connected city.

Once in Nottingham, getting around could not be any easier. The city is served by two main bus services: NCT running 80 routes throughout the city, and Trent Barton linking Derbyshire to Nottinghamshire. Trent Barton also runs the tram system; previously two lines linking the North of Nottingham to the centre, an expansion running until 2014 will see 28 new stops, and serve approximately 23 million passengers per year compared to the current figure of 10 million.

For those who like to exercise, Nottingham has recently been voted as the second best city in the UK for cyclists and a new CityCard scheme allows people to hire bikes for a £1 an hour, similar to Londons "Boris Bikes" schemes.

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There are 91 hotels in the city of Nottingham alone, with 2 five star and 36 four star hotels, so if it is luxury you and your delegates are after, you will find that there is plenty of choice. However, with a choice of 40 three star hotels and a range of two star hotels on offer, companies with smaller budgets to spend will still easily find something suitable for themselves and their employees.

Nottingham has been crowned the 10th city in the UK for corporate events, with four in ten trips to the East Midlands for business, and over 22,500 people employed in this area across the county. This is reflected in the range of venues: there are 141 conference and meeting venues in Nottinghamshire, 14 of which can cater for more than 500 delegates, and 3 venues for over 1000. Nottinghams biggest venue, The Ice Arena can hold up to 10,000 people, with a floor space of 1,800 square metres. A variety of other rooms can be hired inside the venue, including a dance studio ideal for team games and activities; and a VIP bar for delegates to relax and socialise. If you are after something smaller, then there are 37 venues that are dedicated to providing rooms for less than 30 delegates, ensuring you will still be spoilt for choice.


Once in Nottingham, you and your delegates will find that there are plenty of things to see and do. Made famous by the legend of Robin Hood, tourists flock to Nottingham Castle where the Sherriff lived; and to Sherwood Forest where you can see the Major Oak. Seeped in history, other popular attractions include the caves of Nottingham of which there are over 500, many inhabited until 1845; the Galleries of Justice, a performance led tour of crime and punishment in Victorian times; and the popular Nottingham ghost walks which take place every Saturday and end underground in the "haunted caves".

Nottingham has a really varied nightlife with something for everyone, for trendy cocktail bars head to quirky Hockley, or try the "Real Ale Trail" around the Castle in 14 different pubs, including the oldest pub in England, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem. Finally, the popular Rock City venue is great for watching up-and-coming bands perform (as long as you dont mind hanging out with students of course!).

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